About Us


Position: Writer and Podcast Co-Host

Likes: Beating Matt, all things cats, and wearing hats.

Dislikes: Camo shorts, anyone that claims to be a foodie, and waking up before 8am.

Favorite Pizza Topping(s): Banana Pepper and Italian Sausage.

Bio: Mikey has been buddies with Matt since they were in high school. In a way to keep in contact they would Skype and play video games. Eventually, Mikey started pushing the idea of a podcast. They created TT.TKO and ran with that for a good while. On a drive home to Georgia from Indiana, Mikey called Matt and set the foundation for what is now BottomlessWit.

Twitter:  @MikeyTKO




Position: Writer and Podcast Co-Host

Likes: Counter Strike, cats, coffee.

Dislikes: Too little Counter Strike, too few cats, too little coffee.

Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni and Green Olives (Black Olive if Green isn’t available)

Bio: Mattie has been friends with Mikey since high school and three years ago the two of them started a podcast called TT.TKO. It had a great two year run, but Mikey had ideas for change. With help from Travie, from the ashes of TT.TKO rose BottomlessWit. Mattie is working on his PhD in mathematics, which means his job is boring to lots of people (ahem, Mikey…), and also that his jokes are bad and he should feel bad.

Twitter: @MattieTKO


Position: Webmaster and Writer

Likes: Bad Movies, Peanut Butter, and Thunderstorms.

Dislikes: Remakes, Reboots, and Re-Imaginings.

Favorite Pizza Topping(s): Chicken and Spinach with Garlic and Onion (White Pizza)

Bio: After unsuccessfully trying his hand multiple times at running his own blog and podcast, “Beards and Jackets”, he teamed up with Mattie and Mikey to combine their awesomeness into the website you now see here before you.

Also, it should be noted that the name “BottomlessWit” was totally his idea.

On top of that, he has a Doctorate in Metaphysics from ULC.

Twitter: @ReturnoftheYak




Position: Writer

Likes:  Not much.

Dislikes:  U2, Milk, and everything else.

Favorite Pizza Topping(s): Thin crust with giant hunks of sausage, immediately upon waking up from a long nap.

Preferably lukewarm.

Bio: Co-hosted a podcast with Travie entitled, “The Beards and Jackets Show”. After the failure of that he worked on his own blog before being asked by Travie to join the ranks of BottomlessWit where he now finds himself presently.

Twitter: What is that?


JEROME aka “Romeo”

Position: Lord of the Tweets

Likes: Text limits, follows, and maracas.

Dislikes: Text limits, Tommy Tutone, and the Capulets

Favorite Pizza Topping(s): Ham & Pineapple

Bio: Jerome chooses to stay off the site but has offered to take over the Twitter account. Rumor has it Jerome is quite the ladies man. None of the others can substantiate this claim but they must call him Romeo for a reason.

Twitter: @BottomlessWit